Step 1.

Purchase the care plan that best suits your needs:




Best for start-ups, non-profits, small businesses, and sites that won’t need a lot of technical modifications on a regular basis.




Best for organizations and businesses that have more complex functionalities such as web-based applications and




Best for businesses that have many websites that require regular technical development upkeep or are being regularly added to.

Step 2.

We’ll contact you to gather the necessary information.

We’ll need some specific information from you about your website like:

Current Hosting Company

We’ll need to know where your site is currently hosted so we can get all your files and the database. We’ll ask for your login credentials so we can access everything.

Domain Registrar

Companies that sell domains, like GoDaddy are called domain registrars. We’ll need your login credentials so we can make all the necessary changes once we get your site’s files and database in place.

3rd Party Services

We’ll ask if you’re using any free or paid third party services, like Cloudflare so we can take care of the technical requirements around maintaining those services.

Once we log in and take a look around, we’ll determine if we need anything else. If we do, we’ll reach out and request it.

Step 3.

We’ll take care of all the technical stuff.

Site Preparation

Before taking a step like moving your entire website, basic preparatory tasks need to be completed.

We’ll take steps to document the website’s current benchmarks in performance, database size and other factors so we have a starting point to work from. After that we’ll make a clean backup of both your site’s file directory and database so we have that ready, should we run into any problems during migration. We’ll also note any areas of the site that will need attention upon completion of the migration.

The last step is for us to setup & configure your website’s new spot on our secure managed hosting platform. Now we’re ready to start migrating your site!

Site Migration

Now the magic happens. We’ll take all of your files, and the database and move them all into the shiny new spot we just made for you on our hosting platform. This doesn’t usually take long, but the length of time it takes will be determined by the size of your website. The bigger the database and the more pages your site has, the longer transferring all of that data takes.

Once all of your files have finished moving, we move on to the next step!

DNS Configuration

At this point in the process, we will go through and make the changes necessary to tell the rest of the internet where your site has moved to. These configurations can get tricky, but not for our experts.

We’ll configure everything to take advantage of the many optimizations that come with our care plans, like site caching, CNAME and A Record settings just to name a few.

To make sure we don’t negatively impact your website or its users we’ll schedule this step of the process to take place during a non-peak period of time you specify.

Once DNS configuration has been changed and saved it can take up to 48 hours for full propagation across the internet to complete. It often times happens much, much faster (between 15 minutes – a couple of hours) but be aware that it can take up to 48 hours to complete.

Site Verification

We’ll check the propagation status of your site until it is back up and running. We’ll notify you when it has completed propagation via email.

Site Optimization and First Time Maintenance

Now that your site is fully functional and available to the world, we can get to work at what we do best!

First we’ll create a staging environment for your site. This is a perfect copy of your site that allows us to make adjustments, changes and updates without the threat of bringing your live site down.

The best part of the staging environment is that you can use it to test things out on your website before it goes live too! Once you have everything the way you want it just contact support and we’ll push your changes to the live site for you.

Now we’ll go through your site and perform any needed work that was noted during preparation. We’ll work on things like:

  • Cleaning up the database
  • Updating themes, plugins and WordPress core as necessary
  • Searching out broken links and fixing them.
  • Setup and configure all the services associated with your care plan like uptime monitoring, SEO, etc.
  • And many more…

We’ll send you the initial site report when we’ve finished so you’re up to speed on what work was done and that your site is now a lean mean secure machine!