Has Your Website Been Collecting Dust?

We see this a lot, your website was built with WordPress, you paid your designer and that was it. The truth is if you do not update WordPress along with your theme and plugin files, over time it will lead to performance, compatibility and security issues. WordPress powers over 27% of the websites online today, which means attempts at hacking are at an all-time high. By not updating your website, you miss out on crucial WordPress and plugin updates leaving you vulnerable to malware or being hacked.

If your website breaks due to incompatibility, or even worse gets hacked, it can be a costly fix. To avoid a disaster, we offer a thorough website audit, provide a detailed report and an estimate to bring your website up to date, secure and malware free.

Statistics from 40,000+ WordPress Websites in the alexa.com Top 1 Million, show more than 70% of WordPress websites are vulnerable to being hacked.

Phase 1 – Audit & Report $200

Not knowing the state of your website and how it was built, we do a manual audit of your website files and each individual installed plugin. This will help us gauge the compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, check for deprecated items, as well as prepare for any conflicts that may arise. Our audit is not automated, as there are scenarios where outdated plugins and themes show no need to be updated. A thorough security audit is also performed to locate potential weaknesses and/or malware.

We then send you a detailed report along with the estimated time it will take to get your site updated and secure. For any issues we see related to deprecated plugins or themes, we give you our recommendations for the best course of action. i.e. A plugin(s) that is no longer updated or supported by the developer that poses a security threat.

Phase 2 – Repair and Optimize (optional)

Upon agreement of our proposal, we will clone your website to a test server, perform all of the tasks noted in our report, and then move your newly optimized and secure website live. We will also provide you with a copy of your website and database for your own safe keeping. If you choose at this point to join one of our Monthly Care Plans you will receive a $100 credit towards any plan.

To get started reach out to us to discuss your website details and your concerns. Note: To perform the audit we require your website and web hosting login credentials to access your site files and database.

Update and Secure Your Website Today